Algorithms for Inconsistency Measurement

Project description

The objective of AIM is the development and evaluation of new algorithmic approaches to inconsistency measurement. The latter is a research field concerned with the development of measures that quantitatively assess the severity of inconsistency in logical knowledge bases. Inconsistency measures can be used to compare different formalisations of knowledge, to help debug flawed knowledge bases, and guide automatic repair methods. For example, inconsistency measures have been used to estimate reliability of agents in multi-agent systems, to analyse inconsistencies in news reports, to support collaborative software requirements specifications, to allow for inconsistency-tolerant reasoning in probabilistic logic, and to monitor and maintain quality in database settings.

In AIM, we develop a series of algorithms for a wide range of inconsistency measures. In particular, we employ a diverse set of problem solving paradigms, such as satisfiability (SAT) solving, answer set programming (ASP), automated planning, and others, to approach the computation of inconsistency measures of various complexities and to find the best possible algorithms. We analyse the practical performance of these algorithms with in-depth experimental evaluations and create a comprehensive repository of benchmarks for future algorithmic studies. Achieving the overall objective of AIM to create practical systems for inconsistency measurement allows a more scalable application of inconsistency measures in the mentioned applications domains and beyond.

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